Commission Info

Status: Closed


  1. I have no problems on drawing NSFW, ecchi or same sex relationships. I prefer to draw young girls and ‘bishonen’ guys. I can’t draw mecha, and I’m not used to drawing furry but I can try!

  2. Payment: would have to be done through paypal, sorry if that's an inconvenience!

  3. Please send the full payment as soon as we agree on a price. This can be negotiated, though! Just talk to me c:

  4. I will show you WIPs of the progress as I go, don’t worry.

  5. If you don’t like the way something turned out, don’t be afraid to tell me.

  6. I have the right to turn down an order if I don't think I can take it.

  7. I will charge extra if you request NSFW material, depending on what’s being requested.

  8. To communicate with me, send me emails. My email is


Drawing - USD $30

Delivered as either a PNG or JPEG file.

Game Sprite - USD $35

I deliver sprites in the psd format, with many layers of different mouths, eyes and eyebrows so you can mix and match for the expressions you want. If you want me to add more expression types I will charge a little extra, depending on the amount. I will charge extras USD $10 for each set of different clothes on the sprite, each different hair or accessories. A new pose counts as a new sprite.


Half Body

Drawing - USD $25

Delivered as either a PNG or JPEG file.

Game Sprite - USD $30

Same specifications as the fullbody sprites.

Half Body Sprites


Each CG (character with background) - USD $60

Small variations such as different expressions on the CG are charged as extra USD $5. I will charge extras if the CG demands variations with different poses. I might ask for a little extra if the CG is too complicated (has over 2 people on it, too detailed, etc…)


Love and Romance


NSFW Sample

Erika Patreon


Each Background - USD $40

Small variations will be extra USD $10. and I'll ask USD $20 for extra lightning changes (example: a room during the day, same room during the night, etc.)

Hunting Fable Backgrounds

Panzer Hearts Background

Evening Room Background

House Background


Chibis - USD $25

Delivered as either a PNG or JPEG file.

Vocaloid Chibis



Objects for cut-in appearance, promotional art, etc - Negotiable

Will negotiate depending on the amount of art needed.